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What Is The Difference Between Video and Audio Videos?

While filming an indoor vlog, make sure that you have got proper lighting in your surroundings. Most times if it’s not there, viewers will think that you are making it up as they go along. When lighting is poor, you may see trails in your picture or see ghostly figures appearing and disappearing in your shot. However, if you have a tripod or some other steady platform, you can fix this problem. For indoor vlogs, you are limited to the ceiling of your room, the back of your couch, etc. You may need to prop your camera up high to achieve good lighting. You can also find low lighting at the opposite end of the room or you can cover your camera with a sheet. These techniques can be used even if you are outside in the beautiful weather.

While setting up your shot, make sure that there is a single light in the background, like a light bulb or a candle. This will create a soft, blurred background effect in your shot. Next, use a wall at least 6 inches away from your subject and place the ceiling lights or your lamp about 6 inches from your subject. This will create a slightly darker background. Next, place your subject behind the lamp, with the lights shining on his chest. This will bring out his face and also the shadows under his chin. Last, you may place a desk lamp next to your subject or behind him, with the lights shining on his chest.

When recording on your mobile phone, place your subject in front of a window where the light is strong and diffuse. This will create a very impressive background for your videos. The video cameras have a tendency to focus on the street, so you may need to position your camera slightly away from the background. Or, you can place the camera 6 to 8 feet away from the background. Place your subject as close to the background as possible and shoot from about shoulder level to avoid a strong head and shoulder effect. You may want to make sure that there are no objects that are close to the camera that will distract your subject from the shot.

And to sum up, keep the background relatively clean and avoid background objects like cars, tree leaves, trees or buildings that are close to the camera. The best video that you can make will be clean and professional, with a great strong background.

Using video for marketing and promotions

You may also use mobile video to show your product or service to potential customers.

To do this, you may want to position your camera about 8 inches away from the product, with the light shining directly on it. You can use a tripod if you have one if you have difficulty keeping the camera steady.

Shooting on a mobile phone or iPad

Shoot the video on the spot using your mobile phone or iPad. Use this tool to take your video. You need to get close to the product to get a good product/video contrast. You can use the two features to create a video that can show your product from all sides.

Shoot the video on the spot with your mobile phone or iPad. You can use this mobile video to show your product from all sides, or you may want to shoot from the front, using the front camera on your camera. Shoots the video with the rear camera on your camera will not work. You may need to remove the front camera in order to use the rear camera. This will produce an unusable video.

You may also use a video camera to take video of your product. If you have a flip camera that is in fact a video camera, you can use it to take videos.

When shooting video with a flip camcorder, be sure that it is placed between you and the subject. The camcorder will shoot video from this distance. Shoot from shoulder level or even closer if you want to give the impression that you are standing close up to the subject. You may want to use a tripod, but not necessary. You may also need to remove the front camera from your camera to accommodate the rear camera. If you have a camcorder that does not shoot in both digital video and audio, you may also need to use a video editing program to cut out the parts of your video that cover the subject. You may also need to remove background objects to make room for the subject. Be sure to leave a few seconds of unaltered footage to give a sense of scale.

When shooting video with your camera, you may need to remove a filter. You may need to remove background objects, and of course, you may need to remove the front camera from your camera. Once you have done these things, you may be able to shoot videos that you will find viewer unfriendly. Be sure to set your video device to run in front of a solid wall to improve visibility.

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