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Website Design – Why the Wrong Site Design Can Cause Problems

Spending time seeking or creating beautiful designs for your websites can pay off in dividends when building your video marketing campaign, it is just one of many critical parts of the process that has been left out of this article.

Video marketing can be a daunting proposition for the uninitiated. Although there are different ways to create a video online there are many common themes throughout all of these methods, but a deeper understanding of each has its own steps.

Video marketing can become a confusing web of many tools and techniques as it covers various topics like –

* Site Development
* Design
* Branding
* Design and development of ads
* Design
* Animation
* Editing
* Production
* Promotion
* Post production

Site Development

Site development can become the subject of many different topics and techniques, this can be a simple site for you to build, build and build process, but there will be a difference between this as a process to achieve a particular result and as a site that will be displayed live on the Internet.

It is important that you understand what is required for your site to be listed, viewed and promoted on the Internet, this understanding is essential to the success of your video marketing campaign.

It is more effective to focus on one specific phase of site development than attempt to work through multiple phases. You need to have a clear and concise process for developing a simple site, this process will save you time and money. A site that you achieve with a clear process can then be marketed, displayed and promoted as a simple site.

It is also important to focus on the phases of site development, because some sites are built and shown in a matter of days and others can take weeks to weeks to build and be ready for listing. With the wrong combination of design and content your site can end up as a cluttered mess that is difficult to navigate, confusing to understand, does not communicate the necessary message and is hard to rank well for in search engines.

A well laid out site with compelling copy and a strong identity can increase your search engine results and bring you to the top of any listings. This will add value to your video marketing campaign as your site will be very visible to the search engines and you will be a frequent site visitor.

It is also critical that you plan your site development process and content well before you start building your site. You will need to have a clear picture of what you want to achieve from your site before you start building it, this will save you time and money.


There are many ways to approach creating your website design, either your choosing from pre-made templates or creating a original site design. Most businesses like to make use of pre-made templates to save time and money. With a custom designed template your site can be indexed within Google, Bing and Yahoo within days. Not only will you have a design that your business will be proud of but your site will be search engine optimized, which is another important step towards ranking well in the search engines. If your site is not indexed well by the search engines your site will not be easy for people to find.


It is important to provide informative content for your site, your site visitors will get a great explanation about the products, why they should buy them, how to use them, benefits of using them, about the company behind the product, and many other factors. Content is critical to help sell your products and develop your company, without good content your website can fail in any aspect of web development. There are many ways to create content for your site, the best way to approach the problem, be unique and interesting and mention many interesting things about your products that you offer that people will find valuable. Remember also to place a Google Analytics tag for good measure.

Domain name and hosting

It is vital that you choose a domain name that describes the products you are promoting, having a really long domain name might slow your site down, but it is important that your site has a name that is easy to remember and search engines can now see that. It is essential that your site is hosted on a good hosting provider to help your site scale properly, having a slow site will cause your site to scale poorly, causing your site to not scale at all.

In conclusion

We all want a site that works well and drives prospects to our site. If you get this right you will have a site that your site visitors will stay on your site and visit your site regularly, for this you need to have an informative, well-designed and keyword rich site. You can have it all if you have the skills and knowledge. The internet is a powerful tool that we must use to promote the businesses that we are promoting. When creating your website design you should work hard to make your site keyword rich and well-explained, and if possible high traffic will help as well.

To get these qualities for your website you should aim for these things for your website. To work hard to make your site easy to understand should be your goal for your site and if possible lots of visitors should be your objective.

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