Feel Good About Your Web Design With SEO

Web Design – What Will Your Website Do for Your Business?

When shopping for SEO software there are a few things to keep in mind, besides price. The first is what is called “technical SEO” which means that the program should be written in a way that allows it to provide the most effective results for your business. This should be decided upon well in advance of purchasing the software. While the cheapest versions will likely work well enough for most businesses the priciest versions will be optimized specifically for large companies. This will include being able to index and search across the entire internet – all of the webpages and keywords associated with your business. Cost of this software is dependent on the number of keywords you add and how you optimize your pages. This will take time and should be negotiated in advance.

The second is what is called “economic SEO” which means that you negotiate terms with the software provider that allows you to reach your target audience but does not cost too much for your business. This can mean much less time in modifying pages and should mean that your monthly expenses are lower.

The third is what is called “creative SEO” which means that you modify pages to add additional content, graphics and other SEO services but don’t worry that your monthly costs are high. Creative SEO can mean that you are able to add keywords into your URLs – the hyper links that users will click on – for very little cost. Most hyper links on the web are free, but you can negotiate this.

Cost of this type of software is dependent on your keyword costs. Most providers will let you negotiate down your keyword costs if you need to.

You can also negotiate on price even with the cheapest version. It’s a matter of determining how much you are willing to pay and then working backwards to work out how much you can get. By working backwards you avoid paying in full up front for features you aren’t using or sites that you are not going to make.

* Cost of adding keywords to your URLs: This is usually around $15.

* Cost of adding site: This is usually around $90.

* Cost of making your own template: This is usually around $700.

This will be the most expensive piece of your overall program, but it is worth it if you have a highly targeted audience and can get highly targeted traffic. This is most useful if you are providing content on CDs or DVDs to sell to your audience. If you need to target your audience using keyword tools the cost will be higher, but the results will be greater.

If you use an SEO software to manage your websites and content, there are two options, either get the cheapest or work out how much you can get in terms of new traffic from your SEO software. One of the most widely used ones is Google Sites Creator.

In addition to these most popular forms of software, there are many others.

* Web Builder – This is a product offered by many providers. For around $150 you will get unlimited site builds. It is an easy way to create a simple website.

* Word Presenter – This is an affordable option for making a simple blog.

* WordPress – With the WordPress tool you can quickly build a simple website. WordPress is an open source software which allows it to be modified by anyone, but WordPress is most popular with websites designers.

Some providers of software offer a free trial, others cost you $200 for a limited time. These are great because you can test it out and get value from it. You can build your website for free with these, and if it works out, you get to keep the software and keep using it forever. It is free for your first 100 websites.

Some providers do not let you make any changes to your website, they say you have to buy upgrades. I recommend you do not buy upgrades, and instead start with the free trial, make as many changes as you want and then buy the upgrade. It is the same price.

In addition, the provider should let you create an unlimited number of websites.

Remember when evaluating any service, you should have a clear idea of what you will need the website for. If you are a blogger, how many websites do you blog with? How many blogs do you have as clients? How many websites do you expect will be for your business in the future?

The answers to these questions will help you determine if your budget will fit your needs.

Feel Good About Your Web Design With SEO
Feel Good About Your Web Design With SEO

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