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Video Creation – Everything You Need to Know

When creating online videos there are some key accessories for digital cameras that will help you take quality shots. Most digital cameras today come with a built-in mic which will record audio directly to the camera’s memory card.

Some digital cameras have a built-in mic which is an invaluable facility in many circumstances but in low light situations, it is preferable to use a separate audio recorder. There are several options out there depending on your budget. Check your manual to see which ones may meet your needs and are best for you. You will find a good selection in a camera owner’s manual.

A camera’s audio system is not the only consideration in capturing good-sounding audio in a video. Lighting, also, is an important factor. If you shoot in a poorly lit room, your audio may come out sounding like an echo of your vision. A well-lit room with appropriate lighting is best.

In the dark room, you can add appropriate lighting and various types of microphones to optimize your audio. If you have good lighting and some good microphones, your digital camera’s audio will work as it should. If not, you may need to upgrade your camera system.

So, whether your audio comes from a digital camera, an audio recorder, or a microphone, make sure it works when you need it to work. The video file can be converted to audio, but never will the file quality be good enough to justify not using the video.

There are several websites which offer affordable, good quality audio. One well-regarded site is Panoply – they also offer great video creation services. One of their most popular features is their “Soundboard” feature. This is a custom soundboard set up to match your video footage.

“Soundboards” are a good way to add sound effects or music to any video you produce. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to do. You can record your screen in full screen resolution and add music. It is less expensive than creating a full video production. Panoply has hundreds of templates to help you create your soundboard. They have templates for narration, narration overlays, sound effects, music, and more. It is well worth the cost to do your own soundboard. The templates they provide are useful, but often times the sounds are customized to match your content. If you’re not that creative, the templates can be downloaded for free. They give you a ton of helpful information if you want to customize their templates.

Sound effects are essential if you want a viewer to fully suspend disbelief. It is possible to add music, narration and narration overlays with Panoply.

Sound effects are very necessary if you want to add audio to your video. In fact, I am quite surprised that more videos don’t have a good sound mix. Many sound effects are included as audio tracks in video production packages.

Sound effects should be standard on all video you create. However, if your video has content which is stand-alone, like a blog post or a webinar, you may want to add the sound effects as an option. Most video sites allow a watermark of the sound effects or narration. In that case, you don’t want to have the sound effects appear during the actual video. This keeps the audience’s attention on your content.

* Editing:

Most video production packages will let you edit your video. You can cut parts of the video, re-shoot content you don’t want to appear in your video, and lots of other editing features.

Many video editors have video trimming features, so you can trim away unwanted bits of footage. But this comes at a cost. Most video editors have lots of editing features, which come at a cost. I find the NLEs are overkill for my content, but it depends.

* Adding graphics:

Like sound effects, graphics need to be standard on all videos you create. However, if you have video content which is stand-alone, like an NL seminar, you may want to add a graphic as an option. Sometimes, a graphic is a good add-on, depending on your audience.

There are lots of video options available to you to create your video. You simply choose the format you want to create your video in, choose your video tools and edit skillset, add content and visuals, and you’re done. This is the easy way to create videos.


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