Canon M50 Video Marketing Gem

Video Camera Tips For Wedding Wannabes

Why is the Canon M50 camera so great for creating video marketing videos?

The Canon 50D camera is considered the standard for still picture quality and video quality is better than most professional point and shoots. It also produces better sound.

But the real answer is that the video settings can be customized so the best settings for your video are easily determined.

Custom settings allow you to adjust the video lighting, background, and audio. Now I personally like the movie lighting settings (these settings are pretty self explanatory), so I won’t go into more details about them. But you can change these settings to have better lighting or other settings. The video settings can be easily changed by the video expert, to have better settings.

Another reason why the Canon 50D camera is a great tool for creating video marketing videos is that you can download the video editing software to use on your own personal computer or you can send it to an online service to be edited. If you send it to an online service they will then upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, Yahoo video, or some other video host service. So the editing process is fast and easy and is very similar to what is done on TV. You can also change the video title, description, and keywords using the same editing software.

The Canon 50D is also an excellent camera for weddings, special events, product launches, interviews, videos with guests, and other events where you want to ensure you have the best pictures and video quality. If you want to edit it in the computer it’s fairly quick and easy. If you want it to be exactly like what you recorded it to use the editing software on the computer, it takes about 2 1/2 hours to do. The last reason why I recommend the 50D is that you can just plug it directly into your computer and shoot until you are satisfied. No needing to wait for the upload process.

There are some other cameras on the market that offer great video quality and are also very affordable. For example, the Flip Ultra takes excellent quality pictures, and has a tripod mount on the back of the camera for easy set up. But the Canon 50D is an outstanding camera and it gives you excellent video quality for the money, as well as being very small and lightweight. There is also a Canon LX30 camera that looks like the 50D but costs $400 more. I’ve seen the Canon LX30 and it does offer great quality for the money, so you have to weigh the pros and cons of each camera.

This whole review has been about what I consider to be the best bang for your buck, and what I know works. Once you do some research and you decide on what camera to use you have to decide on what to shoot. Do you shoot videos of your kids or grandkids? Of your pets? Of family vacations? Or do you shoot a commercial?

If you decide to go the video route with your wedding, you may need to rent or buy some studio space and set up. Or you may need to shoot a large gallery show. I’ve seen the large gallery shows shot at the Cooper Hewitt in New York with the Canon LX20 and the Canon 50D. In New York City they charge $2,500 to shoot a 30 second show. Many galleries in the US are only charging $1,500 to shoot a 30 second show. I’ve also seen the Canon 50D used for 5 minute long wedding video productions, and I’ve seen larger gallery showings run around $20,000. That’s a savings of around $15,000, which makes the Canon 50D a great investment for you.

If you decide to keep it simple and just shoot your guests comments and reactions at your wedding, and don’t try to make a commercial with your video, then the Canon LX20 is a great first camera. It also shoots very good, clear video. It is compact enough that you can bring it with you to every wedding you attend. You can easily take it with you to other events you go to such as bar and bat mitzvah’s. You can easily bring it with you to other friends and family weddings, and shoot video for your wedding afterwards. You can easily take it with you to any other event you attend.

What I found works very well is shooting video for your wedding at your reception venue. There is nothing like shooting video of your reception guests after a great day at your wedding. This is the best way to capture their surprise birthday party. This also gives you a chance to introduce yourself to them, introduce yourself to your vendors and it also gives you a chance to introduce your wedding ceremony and reception to them. And lets face it, video of your ceremony is always one of the best parts of your wedding!

What I found doesn’t always work as well is shooting video of your ceremony and reception. For example, I’ve shot video of my ceremony and reception many times, but sometimes the background is just too clean. I have seen many a video where the bridesmaids are all standing in front of the dance floor. Sometimes the couple is just to crowded in the video. I’ve seen both video styles, and I’ll give you a brief rundown of the works. Sometimes the best way to make a video is to make a series of shorter videos. Try shooting each video individually and editing them together. Sometimes it is best to just shoot a very tight video with lots of lights and action.

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