Tips to Boost Your Video Ranking

Tips to Boost Your Video Ranking

You Don’t have to be a software engineer to succeed in online video marketing, but here are some things every online marketer should be able to do.

1. Have a plan. Before starting, you need to know what you are doing. Have a clear and well thought out plan on how you want to use video. Do you want to make money on YouTube? Or make money on an e-book? Or both? Or just your blog? Will you do tutorials? Interviews? Answer these questions before starting. You don’t want to rush into something and then realize you didn’t consider things adequately.

2. Know your audience. Do you want to win friends or rivals? Knowing your audience will let you know what keywords you should be using on your videos and what ones you should leave alone. If you know you audience, you know the people you will attract.

3. Do it well. There’s nothing worse than a video that gets ranked well, but nobody watches it. Either they find it boring, or it isn’t clear enough. The key is to make a video that gets viewed. Do you know how to maximize video clicks? Knowing how to maximize video clicks is important. You can get a lot of traffic by going to sites where you already have a lot of video views. Go to sites like Dailymotion or Metacafe and view a video if you have to, but do it intelligently. Don’t spam yourself by viewing videos that aren’t relevant to your product or service. This can cause your video views to be low and you will have wasted your time.

Don’t think that just watching videos will do it. You can boost your rankings in YouTube by doing a keyword research. With the keywords you have chosen for your video, look at their frequency in searches. The higher the frequency in searches, the more likely it is that your video will be shown in a keyword search. So it is important to choose your keywords wisely.

Be sure to choose keywords that will get you a lot of views. The more views, the more your video will rank. And as you already know, more than ten views will get you on the first page. This is obvious. It is something that most people assume, when they start. But now there is research that proves it.

These days, it is essential to do some research, to understand what kind of traffic you can expect to get from a keyword. The best way to do it is to go to You Tube and perform a search. You will see the results below the search bar.

If you see some videos that you like, that are highly viewed, click on them. These videos will give you information on the producers, the video files that were used to make that video and some information on the subject.

They will also tell you some statistics on the viewing rates.

To boost your rankings, the following tips will help you achieve top rankings.

Do not try to boost your rankings by adding comments to videos. Do not use other peoples videos to boost your own. All this will do is diminish your own rankings and will also lower your video quality. You need to create videos that are perfectly quality and that address the topic the viewer is searching for.

The best way to boost your ranking is to use the same keyword twice in a row. Do not just use one keyword twice. Put them in a sequential order.

Keep in mind that the more often you use a keyword, the more often it will be looked at. If you enter the same keyword more than once, the chances are that it will show up multiple times in the search result. But the one that stands out is the one that gets the most views. If you are on the fourth page of a search engine, that means you have more than one hundred views. That is quite an accomplishment.

Now with the help of the tips above, you can be sure that you are making your way in the internet marketing world. If you keep on adding content and make sure that you offer quality content, you will be all the way to the top.

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