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Easy Video Creation

While filming an indoor vlog, make sure that you have got proper lighting in your surroundings. In order to make it seem as if the room is truly dark, you will have to install certain lights. You can have the lights adjusted to make the room appear as dark as possible, and then use natural light from the surrounding outdoors as contrast for your video. You can either have the lights adjusted to make the room appear as bright as possible, and then place a desk lamp near the camera to illuminate the vlog in the background, or you can adjust the lights without the camera being nearby. It is a choice that has to be made on a case by case basis.

Also, be sure that the shadows of the chairs and tables are not cast onto your vlog. This can make it seem as if you are being filmed.

For vlogs outdoors, you will have to deal with the sun. If you are not careful, the bright sun will make you appear to be outside in a direct sunlight. It is best not to allow the sun to get too close to the vlog, as this will cause a loss of light. When the sun is shining, the only light source from the vlog is the side light. You can have the side light adjusted to shine over your vlog to provide some contrast. Be careful not to make the side light too bright. You will want to find the right light angle that will not cast an excessively bright image onto your vlog.

Your final lighting image can be similar to the image below. This is a scene with a bright sunny day, but the vlog is behind some thick foliage, and the light source is coming from the left.

The image below is a much more subdued scene, and the vlog is on the far right. It is a scene where the shadows are minimal. The camera is far enough away from the vlog so the shadows are not distracting. You may need to increase the ISO and/or lower the light in order to get the colors to balance. In either image, you will want to use the side light to fill in shadows, and keep the shadows from being too strong. Using the side light is key to the overall look of the vlog. When the side light is adjusted properly, you will have the colors balance and no harsh shadows. Adjusting the side light will give you both warm and cool tones in the image, but keep the harsh shadows to a minimum.

As you can see, the camera is a long way away from the vlog, but you still want to keep the side light adjusted for the overall color of the vlog. As you can see in the example images, the colors are more of a medium gray, but it is not a dark gray. If you keep the side light adjusted, and the colors of the vlog balanced, you will have no harsh shadows as you vlog.

1. Be sure that you can see the side light adjustment on your monitor. You want to be able to hear the recommendations that the monitor makes as well as see what is going on on your monitor. It should be easy to see and hear.

2. Once you are able to see and hear the side light adjustment, you can adjust it again. Then you want to make sure the colors are still balanced. If you want to adjust the side light again, but now you want the colors to be more of a lighter gray, you can go back to the adjustment which is still a good balance. Once you get the colors of the vlog balanced, you can then go back to the monitor, and then turn on the side light. Do not be alarmed by this step. Once you turn on the side light, and start adjusting the monitor for the vlog, you can then see how your colors balance with the colors of the vlog.

1. Once you are able to see and hear the side light adjustments, and the colors are still balanced, you can then continue to adjust the monitor for the video vlog. After you are able to see and hear the adjustments on the monitor, you can then go back to the monitor for the video vlog, and adjust the adjustments.

When you are balancing, and you see your colors balanced, you will start to see the blacks slightly lighter, and the whites slightly darker. When you see your colors totally balanced, and you see your blacks and your whites completely dark, you can then continue to monitor your work to see how the vlog looks overall. I like to monitor on a large screen to see how the vlog looks overall. Once you are able to see and hear how the vlog looks overall, and how your overall work balances, you are ready for the posting of the vlog.

Remember to have the video on the left, and the picture on the right side of the screen. I do not need to tell you that having the picture to be to the right of the video will give the vlog an old or vintage look. The other thing you have to know is the vlog will have the text to be below the picture, and the picture to be to the right of the text. So if your picture and text are to the left of the text, your vlog will have a vintage or older look. Remember to keep your picture to the left and your text to the right. Once you get your text and picture on the right side of the screen, the next thing you will have to do is take the picture, and place it above the text. The final step is to post the vlog. This can be easy, or it can be very hard. It depends on how you post your vlog. I normally take the picture and write two words. then take the picture, write one word, then post the vlog. When I post my vlog I just need to click on the play button, and that is it. My vlog is now posted. This will save me the effort of writing, taking and posting a new vlog.

I have created quite a few video’s, and this has been by far one of the easiest video’s I have created. Now I just have to wait and see what other fun videos I can come up with. I am sure I will get some ideas from you guys.

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