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Deliberately Deceptive Web Pages

The internet provides consumers with a plethora of resources to help make their lives easier. We have the ability to search and compare prices for goods and services online. I believe that most of us would agree that shopping online is a lot easier than visiting the stores. Shopping online has so many benefits. We can compare prices and quantities online and always know the guarantee we are purchasing. We know the items we are buying are authentic and they have our approval before shipping. We don’t have to wait in long lines at the mall, nor do we have to spend our hard earned money on long lines at the mall. We don’t have to have our bags passed through numerous people and officials before being allowed to board the plane. We don’t have to be “ourselves” out in the open when we are shopping. We can be discrete in the “other” section of the store. We can put in our order and be delivered when we are ready to buy.

What I don’t believe many of us realize is that we are buying a package. That package is the package of goods included in the retail price we pay for the item. I believe the retail price gives us a guarantee that the items we paid for are the only ones that can be bought. You may feel differently, but I believe that the package gives us that reassurance.

It is for this reason that you may want to shop around. Not only do you want to find the lowest price, but you also want to make sure that the item you are buying is the item you want to keep. Most online shopping sites do not allow duplicate items. They don’t want people to go into a store and buy the exact item that they see online. By being “deliberately deceptive” you can be sure that you will get a unique item that you want.

It is my belief that most online shoppers, whether they are on the Internet looking for a specific product or they are at the mall shopping for a specific item, they are doing it for different reasons. The one thing they all want is that assurance that they will get the product they want, but in a way that they are not “duped.”

I believe you can be “deliberately deceptive” online. Here’s how:

1. Look for products with low prices tags, but be careful when you are picking the item you are getting. I personally have found that you want to buy from the site with the lowest price, but there is a good chance you will buy from the site with the best product at the lowest price.
2. Make sure the site you are at has the products you are looking for. Look for what you want online. Get on the Internet and start browsing. Don’t just blindly go to another site to look for that item you want.
3. Make sure you buy only the ones you want. This will prevent you from being a part of the item duplication racket. I do not want to see the prices of something I want to buy go down because someone saw the item I wanted and then went to the site that sells that item and bought it instead.
4. If there is a duplicate item, do not buy the duplicate. If you see a duplicate and you want to buy it, the site owner gets a profit. The original owner of the original item loses.

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