Using Video On Your Website

Are You Using Video on Your Site?

A very important component to creating marketing videos is learning how to use a digital camera. If you’re going to use video to sell products or communicate information, you need to know how to handle your camera properly. This article will go over some of the basic tips for using a digital camera.

First, let’s talk about what a video camera can actually record. Most digital cameras can capture video in 640×480 resolution at 30 frames per second. Some can shoot video in higher resolution. The important part about this setting is that the camera records what you see in a slide show into a digital file. It is important to know that your video clip can be anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes. The important thing here is to have content worth sharing. If you’re not saying something meaningful or unique, no one will care.

Some cameras have a built-in screen capture feature that makes it easy to capture what you’re seeing on your digital camera’s screen. Some digital cameras also have image-boosting settings. If you need to make a few quick shots at a time, these features can be very helpful. In some instances, these features can be problematic. If you need to produce a lot of clips, you can use software to make video clips for you.

The most powerful tool for marketing your videos is YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and is the largest video sharing site. It’s free to join and you will get access to some of the largest video audiences in the world.

YouTube is an essential tool for marketing your videos. A great tool is embedding your video on your website or blog. This lets people see your video wherever they go online. If your video is of the highest quality, you’ll be rewarded with millions of views. There are also other options for sharing your video clips – from Twitter to Facebook and more. You can even use your video to make a question and answer game.

Let’s move on to a few tips for filming your video.

* Keep it simple and short. At YouTube, we recommend make your video under 5 minutes. Your viewers don’t want to watch long videos. Remember, you’re trying to explain what your product does. Just how it works. Keep your video under 5 minutes. You will quickly see the point of video in marketing and will move on to something more interesting. If you need to shoot longer, consider breaking it into several pieces.
* The background. You can’t have a cluttered background. You’ll distract your viewers. Give it room to breathe. Don’t go too “clean”. If you need a cleaner background, consider hiring a video production company. You can even add a backdrop for the video.

* Sound test. Make sure your audio is good. Again, you don’t want to distract your viewers. Don’t go for loud. Be subtle. And for goodness sake, make sure your viewers can hear your audio. We don’t want a muddy video.
* Speaking with Visuals. This can be helpful for businesses that have a visual for an image. A graphic can let your viewer know more about your product. A visual can also help explain your product. Consider a power point presentation or a whiteboard for your video. This is helpful for businesses that are launching a new product. A good video allows visual to speak with audio.

A Quick Word About Technology

* Web users are very tech savvy. They are used to using technology. YouTube has made a big step by allowing you to embed your videos on their site. It is a smart move by YouTube to let you do this. Most viewers use a video as a guide. This can be very helpful for businesses who have a complicated product or service. You don’t have to use a webcam or a video camera to use the site.
* Your site will have other features that are helpful for your business. They will usually be different from your video. You don’t need to have your face in your video. A video of someone giving a speech or a person giving a tutorial is fine.

Now That You Know You Need Video, How Do You Get One?

* Consider hiring an experienced video production company. Don’t use a single mobile camera or a webcam. Have them know your business. Know what you want and what you don’t want. Have someone familiar with your business talk with them about your video.
* Consider hiring a professional voiceover. They can help you create a great product. Many people think that you need a Hollywood star to record your voice. They are wrong. There are many local voice talent in your area who can do this job for reasonable rates.
* Consider hosting your video. You can get some great exposure by hosting your video on YouTube. It means your site will be in many sites at the same time. The search engines love this. In fact, it is good for your site. You want to have your site being indexed on the search engines. This will mean more people come to your site.

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